Enhanced Refund Program FAQ

You have purchased an Enhanced Refund Program from another platform that has arranged with Protecht to provide the ticket/registration/reservation services on their behalf. Attendees can opt to enroll in the seller’s program during checkout. This Enhanced Refund Program refunds the cost of the your purchased experience, should you be unable to attend due to nearly 20 covered reasons including injury, illness, accident, family emergency, work travel conflict, work layoff or termination, jury duty, military duty, mechanical breakdown and COVID-19.

The program is offered by the platform during checkout where you have the option to add or decline protection. By default, both options are unselected. Before you can move forward with your purchase you must select “yes” to protect your purchase or “no” to decline making your purchase refundable.

Protection may not be added after a purchase is complete. Enrollment in the Enhanced Refund Program is only available for purchase online during your initial checkout for your ticket(s)/registration/reservation.

We recommend selecting the “Request Refund” button found within the confirmation email you received. From these, you can walk through the easy steps to request your refund. For the best experience, we suggest using a desktop or laptop computer, rather than a mobile device, request a refund. Should you have questions, the Protecht Consumer Liaison Team is here to assist via email: [email protected] or phone: 1-844-800-5585.

All refund requests require supporting documentation as proof that the covered reason (“peril”) occurred. Required documentation is determined by the peril for which you are filing. For example, a physician’s statement would be required for a refund request relating to illness. If such is submitted for a covered peril within the allotted time frame, and contains the correct documentation, the refund request will be approved, and you will be reimbursed for the covered amount.

The refund request must be made within 45 days of the attendee experience.

If your refund request was submitted within the allotted time frame, and contains the correct supporting documentation for approval, you can expect reimbursement typically within five (5) business days.

Terms and conditions of the Enhanced Refund Program can be found on the website of the merchant from which you are purchasing. Terms and conditions specific to Protecht Inc. can be found here.

No, the enhanced refund program does not offer refunds if an event is canceled or rescheduled by the venue, promoter or ticketing company. The program reimburses the attendee should they be unable to attend due to covered reasons. The Enhanced Refund Program is designed to lend the greatest peace of mind to the consumer, should they be unable to experience their event due to covered occurrences.

No, the Enhanced Refund Program does not offer refunds for any general employment or personal conflict. The program covers scenarios that stand in the way of the attendee making it to and experiencing the event – it is not by attendee’s choice; rather, it is by obstacle. You want to go but cannot due to one of various covered reasons. The protection is conditional. For example, IF the attendee’s vehicle breaks down and IF that malfunction prevents them from attending the event, only THEN can the attendee request a refund.

No, Protecht does not have access to consumer reservation/registration/ticket purchase details and cannot make any adjustments. Protecht can only assist with qualified, consumer refund inquiries.