Protecht Gives

Protecht Gives LogoAt Protecht, we engineer solutions, which impact how future generations view, value and purchase protection for experiences, merchandise, and services that are important to them. To accomplish this, it’s paramount that we understand consumers’ passions and imperative to meet them where they live and purchase online.

So that we can successfully collaborate and contribute as respected colleagues and business partners, we must first be pillars of strength for our families, within our social circles, and in our communities. We must understand who we are individually and what we stand for collectively as a company. We have invested in ourselves so we can proudly do meaningful work together for others.

Protecht proudly contributes volunteer hours, financial support, educational guidance, and technology assets to non-profit organizations within the Phoenix area, home of our corporate headquarters, as well as cities where our remote workforce teammates reside.

Below is a brief snapshot of Protecht’s community involvement across the U.S. If you are a non-profit, and we can assist in bettering your community, please contact us by clicking the button below.


Protecht Gives Non-Profits