Release Notes

11-22-22 Release

Enhanced Refund Program Optional Widget
Updated descriptions on the default widget for the Enhanced Refund Program have been made.

11-09-22 Release

Enhanced Refund Program Post Checkout
An adjustment to the existing Post Checkout has been made to handle Enhanced Refund Program clients. This link will use the correct pricing and policy for the Enhanced Refund Program until the updated platform is in place.
  • Widget Translation Inconsistencies: Inconsistency in text translations to other languages have been resolved.

10-12-2022 Release

Text Misalignment
On the widget, underwriter text has been adjusted to be left-aligned in order to eliminate “hanging texts.”

Load State Support
Creating a “loading” flag to verify that all custom templates have their own “loading” state.

  • Policy Cancellation Form UI fix: The total refund value is displayed incorrectly when multiple policies are selected. This bug fix allows the correct refund value to be displayed.
  • Enhanced Refund Program Optional Widget: On the optional Enhanced Refund Program widget, the “Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy” and “Terms&Privacy” verbiage is translated when the locale is different from en_US. For example, for any non-English locale, most of the T&C will be displayed in English except for the “Terms & Privacy” and “Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy” portions. This bugfix addresses that translation error.

09-14-2022 Release

PCW Payment Page Text Adjustments
An updated line of text between the legal disclaimer and the submit button was added:

By clicking “Submit Purchase,” you understand and agree that FanShield ticket protection does not cover any reason that has occurred prior to the effective date of purchased FanShield coverage. Coverage is effective starting 12:01 a.m. local time at your location the day after FanShield purchase.

PCW Landing Page Text Adjustments
Updated verbiage was added to the PCW Landing Page:

Recently bought tickets to an event but not 100% sure if you’ll be able to attend? Let FanShield protect your purchase from unforeseen circumstances that could prevent you from missing your events.

We offer protection against: Serious Illness • Traffic Accidents • Severe Weather • Active Military Duty • And More

Yes! You bought the tickets and are counting down the days! But unforeseen circumstances can occur, which prevent you from attending your event as planned. We recommend purchasing FanShield ticket protection to cover the cost of your ticket, should the unexpected happen. 

We protect against: Serious Injury & Illness • Travel Interruptions • Family Emergencies • Layoffs • And More

  • The V3 Orders Endpoint returned a server error (500) when a null CVV attribute was passed through. The V3 Orders Endpoint can now process orders with a null CVV value.
  • The V3 Orders Endpoint rejected credit card orders that contained expiration years greater than 2 digits. The V3 Orders Endpoint can now process orders with credit card expiration years greater than 2 digits.
  • The Claims Intake Review Page was not showing complete information due to image filenames being too long. The Claims Intake Review Page now displays all the proper information needed to file a cliam.

08-31-2022 Release

Enhanced Refund Program Optional Widget
New Product Available: Optional Enhanced Refund Program — customers are given the opportunity to make their purchase refundable for a small fee. Optional Enhanced Refund Program requires a widget in the checkout process.

Enhanced Refund Program Confirmation Email
Customers who opt-in to the Enhanced Refund Program receive a purchase confirmation email.

PCW Calendar Enhancements
Customers using the PCW form will not be able to choose/enter a date in the past, today’s date, or tomorrow’s date. PCW purchases can only be made up to “roughly” 48 hours before the event.

  • Enhanced Refund Program Optional Widget
  • Enhanced Refund Program Confirmation Email
  • PCW Calendar Enhancements
  • ICW Metric Enhancements
  • Policy Dashboard: Policy Filter was Missing

01-31-22 Release

  • A number of improvements to make our widget content more accessible for select templates. This will bring our widget to WCAG 2.1 Level AA certification.
  • General UI improvements
  • Fixed: a minor display issue for IE legacy browsers